Rental conditions - Provence Vakantiehuizen

Rental conditions

1. Reservations

You can make a reservation by e-mail, telephone, letter or fax. All reservations are legally binding the moment Provence Vakantiehuizen receives your reservation. Cancellation costs shall be charged for cancellation after reservation. After receiving your reservation, we will send you a booking confirmation in duplicate. To be able to complete your reservations, we ask you to send us one - signed - copy by return of post.

2. Payment

2.1. You are required to make a deposit of 40% of the rental sum and the reservation costs (€ 25 per reservation) within 10 days of receiving the reservation.
The balance of the rent (60%) should be paid at least 8 weeks before arrival.
If the reservation is made within 8 weeks before arrival, the full amount (including additional costs) should be paid within 10 days of receiving the reservation.

2.2. Once we have received your entire payment, we will send you, at least three weeks before arrival, a route description, the address and telephone number of your accommodation and/or the key holder/owner and the 'Carte d'Entrée'.

2.3. All rental prices - unless stated otherwise - include electricity, water and gas (standard consumption). Heating costs are usually not included.

2.4. Each accommodation is provided with blankets/eiderdowns and pillows. Bed linen and towels are not normally supplied, but can sometimes be hired (see details in the property description). In some cases the rental of bed linen and towels is included in the rental price.

3. Arrival and departure

3.1. Arrivals and departures are usually on a Saturday. The accommodation is available to you from 4 pm and you are required to vacate the property by 10 am.

3.2. On arrival you will be requested to deposit a security, normally an amount between 150 and 1000 euros. If, at the end of your stay, there is no damage to be found in or around the holiday house, you will be returned the amount of the security directly upon departure or within 4 weeks by bank transfer, after deducting the relevant costs (heating, cleaning, etc.).Occasionally, the amount of the security will be collected in advance by Provence Vakantiehuizen. If such is the case, it will be mentioned in the description of the holiday house.

3.3. It is not acceptable to occupy the holiday house with more persons than it has been agreed on in the leasing contract. When booking a holiday house with us, you will clearly state the number of persons in your party, including children and babies. Should the number of persons change, you will notify us directly.

Occupying a holiday house, even for a short while, by more persons than is accepted as the maximum on our website, could lead to the termination of the leasing contract.

3.4. Camping in the grounds of Provence Vakantiehuizen Houses is not acceptable.

3.5. You are expected to behave as civilized tenants and to utilize the rented accommodation according to the reasonable instructions given by the owner or the administrator of the accommodation offered by Provence Vakantiehuizen.

3.6. On departure you will leave the holiday house tidy, clean and undamaged (whether on the outside or on the inside: furniture for instance). You will, namely, at least have swept the interior of the holiday house, washed the dishes and left the dishwasher, the fridge and the waste paper baskets empty.

Occasionally you will do the end-of-stay cleaning yourselves, as indicated on our website. If so, you will leave the holiday house the way you have found it on your arrival.

3.7. The tenant will be held responsible for any damage caused by unacceptable behaviour and by any acts which go against the norms of good tenancy.

3.8. Any of the above mentioned infringements could have as a result the immediate termination of the leasing contract. In such a case, your rights to compensation are forfeited.

In case of termination of the leasing contract, the owner or the administrator could refuse access of the tenants to the accommodation and possibly to the grounds. The tenant, in such a case, will not be able to demand compensation.

4. Swimming pool

4.1. Private swimming pools are mostly open from the middle of May until the end of September, depending on weather conditions. The swimming pool is only available to tenants and - in case of communal use - the property owner.

4.2. Children and/or adults without a swimming diploma are not allowed in the swimming pool unless wearing a swimming jacket and under the supervision of adults in possession of a swimming diploma. Provence Vakantiehuizen and/or the property owner can and will not accept any liability for any accident occurring on the premises.

5. Cancellation

5.1 .by Provence Vakantiehuizen
If - in the event of unforeseen circumstances - Provence Vakantiehuizen is forced to cancel your reservation, we will make an effort to provide you with an alternative similar accommodation. If this proves impossible, or if you decline the alternative(s) offered, we shall reimburse the amount already paid to us. Any damage as a consequence of the cancellation will not be refunded.

5.2. by the tenant
Cancellations, for any reason whatsoever, must be made known by telephone and confirmed in writing. The following costs shall be charged for cancellation
- cancellation no later than 8 weeks before arrival: 40% of the rental price
- cancellation between 8 and 4 weeks before arrival: 75% of the rental price
- cancellation within 4 weeks before arrival: the full rental price.
We advise you to take out cancellation insurance as well as travel insurance.

6. Liability

6.1. The tenant and all the persons in his party, are fully responsible for any damage occurred during their stay: to the building, to the inventory and to every material aspect relevant to their stay. The tenant should check with his insurance company in advanced in order to ascertain what his insurance policy covers in case of damage to the holiday house. Should his insurance policy cover nothing or not enough, the tenant will himself ensure full payment of all damage occurred during his stay.

6.2. Provence Vakantiehuizen is an intermediary between the owner/administrator of the holiday houses and the tenant. Provence Holiday Houses will not be responsible for the faulty execution of the leasing contract or the non-execution thereof, if the errors are the owner’s or the administrator’s.

6.3. Provence Vakantiehuizen will not be responsible for any unexpected building works or other activities concerning the access- or main roads in the immediate surroundings of your accommodation.

6.4. We have compiled our website with the utmost care. However, it if should contain imperfections, the tenant will not derive any rights from the existence of the same.

7. Problems /Complaints

7.1. We check all our holiday houses regularly. We cannot guarantee subjective criteria such as quiet, privacy or a beautiful view.

7.2. It is always possible that something does not, in your opinion, go as it should. In such a case you will first approach the owner of the holiday house or the contact man. Should the problem not be solved to your satisfaction, contact us.

Leaving the holiday house prematurely, without having discussed the problem and having reached a mutual agreement, will release us from any obligation to compensation.

7.3. Damage claims, even if they are about your ruined holiday pleasure, will never exceed the amount of your lease.

7.4. Claims after the event will not be taken into consideration by us.

7.5. The French law applies to all the conditions and stipulations of the leasing contract, including all possible controversies stemming from the same.